Choosing Your Knife

In our search for a better knife one fact became clear: It's impossible for one knife to suit everybody. Our solution is to offer four basic, everyday handle profiles with a number of adaptable working blades. We offer custom knife production to completely cover special interests, needs, or requirements. If you can draw a profile of what you need - with measurements - we can make a Knife to your design.

handles all shown with wide offset blade.

All handle and blade combinations are available in left or right-hand configuration. All blades are available in standard two-inch or one and three-quarter inch lengths.

Handle 1

Excellent everyday handle. Slight pitch at blade insertion to ease the required inflection of wrist. Most seem to get along well with handle 1.

Blades available:

Handle 2

Straightest handle of the group. Often requested. Burncap adaptable as shown. A straight handle is said to relieve soreness in wrists.

Blades Available:

The Frog Blade has less curvature for a more vertical cut on the frog. Usually combined with the burncap to create a specialized package.

Handle 3

Slimmer handle with rounder edges to allow one to feel the handle and in turn control the blade. Long enough to allow readjustment of hand when needed.

Blades available:

Handle 4

Similar to number three handle, but reduced in size to fit smaller hands. If you wear a small-sized glove, this handle is a good choice. 1-3/4" blades are recommended to balance the handle proportionately.

Blades available:

Most Popular Choices

The Ergonomic Knife is designed to increase the feel of the tool and minimize the effort it takes to use. Its unique appearance causes many to hesitate to try this handle but once used, it becomes the preferred style of knife. Little force required to grip this handle - it basically floats in your hand. Lots of positive feedback that this helps to ease soreness in the wrist.