Detail Knives

The idea behind this group is "aim small miss small." Used in situations where you only want to remove what is necessary. Usually fitted with handles shown. These knives operate on sharpness and cutting ability - not strength of leverage. Veterinarians: Please do not hesitate to return for sharpening.

Wide blade

Smaller open blade. Can be used for sole knife for smaller feet, or resection purposes where a larger blade with be awkward. Use it for wall and harder tissue.

Abscess blade 1

Has an unassuming appearance but is probably one of the most efficient of the detail knives. It has an offset blade for careful debridement, which seems to provide a better field of view when exploring areas of concern.

Abscess blade number two

This knife was designed to replace the number six shoenail everyone has used to probe the black spots or abscess tracts. We get it sharp enough to widen drainage routes. It is fragile and recommended only on softer tissue.

Short Narrow Detail 1

Larger of the two smaller detail knives. Used for detail work. Very handy for debridement work, especially to prepare a site with minimal damage to healthy tissue, then followed by a more delicate blade. Used on frogs in everyday work where flawless trim is needed.

Short Narrow Detail Knife 2

Same knife as above, but with a smaller blade and smaller handle for smaller hands.