• Choosing a Handle

A knife handle should be chosen to fit the hand of the user, and the general shape should fit the use intended for the blades. Please use the information below to guide your choice.

Handle Profiles

Handle 1 is an excellent handle for sole knives. Slight pitch at blade insertion to ease required inflection of wrist. The average person seems to get along with Handle 1 well.

Straighter handle for burncap application. Without a burn cap, handle 2 still makes an excellent straight handle for most blades. Two lengths: 5-1/2" and 6". If in doubt, choose the 5-1/2" handle.

Used originally as a loop knife handle, allows vertical and horizontal movement. Left full, it will fit a larger hand.

Larger detail handle. Can be fitted with a smaller sole blade, loop blade, or detail blade. Works well for smaller hands.

Choosing a Neck Taper

Another option to consider is the necking-down of the handle at the blade end. A thin neck provides a more secure handle for the majority of people. The amount of taper will vary according to the user.
Slimmer necks generally provide better control. A bigger handle doesn't necessarily fit better in a bigger hand, but lady farriers and vets get along well with smaller necking options. Please call us at (706) 769-9044 and we'll be happy to help you choose the best blade and handle combination.